Stratus® ftServer® systems are designed to use industry-standard hardware components and to support off-the-shelf operating systems so that they appear as standard x86 servers to third-party management tools. By adhering to industry-standard protocols, Stratus provides a suite of tools to manage ftServer systems both locally and remotely and to integrate them with a wide variety of third party management tools.

More importantly, this management capability is augmented by the fault-tolerant architecture of the ftServer system itself and the robust Service and Proactive Availability Management that back it up. This combination insures that ftServer systems seamlessly integrate within existing management frameworks and that they provide the highest levels of uptime and ease of management.

This session describes the tools available for monitoring and managing ftServer systems in a variety of scenarios ranging from local or remote configuration of a single server to integration with an enterprise management software suite controlling a large-scale heterogeneous server infrastructure.