The seasons may be changing, but IT leaders have been and still are waging a constant war against complexity and risk. That’s one theme I spotted in our four most-read blogs this summer. As more of our personal and business lives are integrated into a connected world, ballooning complexity can magnify risks. Savvy IT pros are hunting for ways to make the infrastructure simple and stable.

Here’s what is resonating with our blog readers:

More than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred every day since early 2016, this blog reminds us. There’s not much in the IT world that’s scarier than that, and it happens to the best. Fortunately, with the right game plan, you can keep your data safe and your applications running. One less thing to worry about.

A fascinating result of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is that computing is moving out of the data center, closer to where industrial automation does its work. That’s called the “edge.” As this blog observes, edge computing demands extreme reliability since advanced technical people may not be nearby if systems fail. Learn what you can do for the availability of your critical remote applications.

Municipal water and wastewater operations are an example of an edge system with remote freestanding treatment facilities. When one of these edge systems fails, either by accident or malicious intent, it’s essential to respond within minutes—whether or not technical staff is at the site. This blog and its related webinar discuss how to make these systems more inherently stable, mitigating risk to their communities.

Integrating IIoT into mature manufacturing operations is no simple task. The “things” that comprise industrial operations are frequently legacy equipment that’s decades old. How do you control these veteran devices remotely, and then teach them to offer up their information to a central system? This blog lays out a phased approach. One key step is to lean on IT solutions that function flexibly and simply in standardized environments.

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