In a digital age, software gets the lion’s share of attention. But the best software is only as good as the server and network it runs on. If software is a Broadway show, then servers are the stage, and if the stage is dark, no one can see the show.

The promise of digital manufacturing requires a robust, secure and dynamic backbone. The development of these server networks by system integrators need to provide a tailored solution that not only will be reliable, but will also be able to self-diagnose network problems. This “zero-touch computing” allows the line workers and maintenance teams to focus on their own skills and primary responsibilities without having to become network technicians.

Whether you’re talking about cloud computing that will deliver plant data for analytics or edge computing that allows faster data management near the equipment itself, the server networks—and the integrators who deliver them—offer a way to move beyond the world of SCADA we know today to a fast, interactive and powerful operational management tool.

The videos below look at the fundamentals of edge computing, address how system integrators and others are using Stratus to provide greater data availability, and give real-life examples of “zero-touch computing” that protects not only equipment, but public safety. This information offers a compelling roadmap to better understand the power and possibilities of the right industrial computing provider.

Malisko Engineering

With so much riding on applications such as MES, plant automation, and data historians, downtime can mean lost revenue, missed opportunities or damaged reputation.  Learn how Malisko Engineering uses Stratus to help increase plant efficiency and keep overall costs down, enabling them to meet the needs of a highly competitive global market.


When FacilityConnex, a provider of intelligent monitoring systems, was investigating how best to run their new analytics software to work with the data collected by onsite historians they turned to the new ztC Edge from Stratus because of the simplicity and reliability that it brought to the edge.

Pinellas County Utilities (PCU)

The Florida-based utilities manages 2,000 miles of pipe, 13 well fields, five surface water sources, three wastewater treatment facilities and 350 lift stations. To maintain high availability, PCU previously relied on clustered commodity servers but the problem was that they were getting old and expensive to support. Learn why PCU decided to replace them with Stratus ftServers.

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