As previously published in ReadWrite by Jason Andersen

Forget whatever image you may have, today’s large commercial dairies are extremely sophisticated enterprises that are always looking for new ways to leverage technology to enhance their production efficiency and their profitability.

While many organizations today are focused on using data to drive predictive analytics for maintenance, the dairy industry is looking at an even higher level of value. They are looking at data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as the keys to a complete rethinking of their supply chain.

Consumers value the cloud and IIoT because they can access anything from any device, anywhere. But for corporations, the real value is having visibility across the entire supply chain. In the case of the dairy industry, from the farm to the fridge. Instead of data residing in disconnected silos that no one else can see, the IIoT and the cloud connect all those dots, creating a new level of visibility for every player along the chain.

Why is this important to the dairy industry? Read the full article and find out.

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