Starting this month, we will begin featuring stories about our customers in the Customer Spotlight Series, a new section of the blog that showcases the diversity and results our customers are seeing. This month’s spotlight is on Rexam, one of the world’s top five consumer packaging companies. Rexam is a manufacturer of consumer packaging and beverage cans, serving a number of markets including the beverage, personal care, healthcare and food markets.

As consumers, we demand the most from companies in this fast-paced world. The same applies to manufacturers. Consider the supply chain for Rexam and their customers such as Anheuser-Busch and Coca Cola. If they experience instances of production downtime, the domino effect runs through various areas of their operations and supply chain, including replenishment of materials, orders and invoices. If any one of those areas is affected by downtime, the end consumer, not to mention the rest of the organizations involved in the supply chain, will be affected and the aftermath can include missed production goals, cost overruns and a tarnished reputation.

According to a recent Stratus Technologies survey conducted in partnership with IndustryWeek, in the first quarter of 2012, approximately one in every three manufacturers have experienced downtime affecting one or more of their manufacturing applications. For manufacturing plants like Rexam, running at full-capacity, downtime isn’t acceptable for operations. Whether it is planned or unexpected downtime, Rexam realized downtime was hurting their bottom line and was adding overhead.

With 99.999+ percent uptime and no need for plant-level support, the Stratus fault-tolerant, high-availability servers were the choice for them. The servers were also appealing to Rexam because from the view of an application, they looked like ordinary Windows servers. This was important to Rexam because one goal was to minimize the training involved with this implementation. Availability was also an important element to Rexam’s decision to select Stratus for their 17 manufacturing plants.

After the pilot tests from a single plant signaled the system was delivering expected levels of availability, Rexam implemented Stratus’ high-availability fault-tolerant servers  in the remaining 16 North American plants.

In this day and age, finding opportunities to take the data center offline is hard enough on operations, let alone bearing the stresses of unplanned production downtime. Heading into the summer months, Rexam is happy to ensure the end-users get the most out of their leisurely downtime, and don’t have to sweat from stresses of IT downtime.

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