For this month’s customer spotlight, we’re taking a look at how downtime can affect travel and transportation. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, with nearly 90 million passengers traveling through the airport annually.

Who doesn’t love a good summer vacation at a far away destination? But before you can really start enjoying your trip, you have to get there. It sounds basic – pack, fly, enjoy – but nothing’s ever that easy. The more traveled fliers know to expect long lines at check in and maybe even delays on the runway. But one thing they aren’t expecting is getting caught in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, these things happen and the last thing you want is being in need of emergency services that are delayed because the control center is down.

It’s safe to say that no airport can tolerate system downtime, but what about the airport that has more travelers going through than any other airport on the planet? Stratus customer, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport has over 90 million travelers pass through their doors each year, and they recognized the critical need to be prepared to handle all types of emergencies. Therefore, in 2010 they added a new Centralized Command and Control Center (C4), providing a single point for managing incidents across its entire campus, which enables computer aided dispatch of police and fire units stationed at the airport. With the system being such a focal point in airport operations, security and safety, the importance of uptime was crucial. Although first responders could communicate via radio and phone, an application or server outage undoubtedly would hinder fast communication, and potentially put lives on the line.

The airport decided to take advantage of Stratus’ fault-tolerant ftServer system which lets the system seamlessly ride through issues that would cause a conventional server to crash. Additionally, unlike using a server cluster for redundancy, the ftServer system doesn’t require IT administrators to use special software scripts and systems management procedures to ensure uptime. Paired with the proven reliability and efficiency of RESPONSE CAD software, Stratus’ 24/7 uptime assurance and proactive monitoring gives dispatchers the stability they need for continuous real-time access to vital information and communications.

In five year’s Hartsfield hasn’t experienced any unplanned downtime – now that’s something to add to the bragging rights beyond being the busiest airport in the world!