Customer Spotlight: High Availability Keeps Motorhome Production Moving Ahead with Constant Server Uptime

For this month’s customer spotlight we are taking a look at how server uptime can keep motorhome production on par with increasing demand. Concorde Reisemobile GmbH is a passionate designer and builder of motorhomes. Their luxury caravans let adventurers take the comforts of home wherever they roam.

Concorde was investigating how to best revamp its IT operations to help handle the increasing demand for motorhomes and caravans. After a review, the company decided to focus on improving its hardware and software infrastructure, data privacy and security, and its alignment with the firm’s legal obligations.

One of the company’s biggest assets is an arsenal of 400,000+ computer aided design (CAD) drawings. Two other important resources are its enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and email communications. With each deluxe motorhome selling for 100,000 Euros (about $130,057), a systems outage that stalls a production line can become quite costly.

After consulting with their IT system house, Concorde decided to implement Stratus Avance high-availability software.  Avance gave Concorde around-the-clock access to critical business applications, high-availability for standard 86x servers, integrated visualization, automatic error detection and fault management. Beyond meeting technical and reliability requirements, Avance allows Concorde to run a high-availability solution that fits within the budget of a small to medium sized business (SMB).

After installing Avance, Concorde simulated a server failure to test the system. Once the simulation began, Avance immediately initiated the secondary server while the primary server was repaired. After the primary server was repaired, Avance synched the two servers. This dual-server architecture allows for applications to work uninterrupted during an outage, allowing for production to not fall behind.

Concorde was thrilled with the results, applauding Avance for its easy installation and accessibility, not to mention the availability improvement, fewer maintenance requirements and, most importantly, saving the company money. The company is so happy with their Avance experience that it is considering expanding its use of Avance to other business applications.

For more information please feel free to read through our case study on Concorde. Dan Kusnetzky from Kusnetzky Group LLC also provides more details on the latest release of Avance in this ZDNet article.