When it comes to deploying police, fire and emergency services, every second counts. That’s why public safety organizations simply cannot tolerate unplanned downtime of critical applications. If system interruptions delay notifications of emergency responders, it could result in property theft, damage, personal injury or even loss of life. So it’s not surprising that, when it came time for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania’s multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency Emergency Services 911 Division to completely upgrade its computing infrastructure, building in high system availability was a top priority.

The County conducted a rigorous 700-point RFP process to ensure that the new computing infrastructure would leverage the latest technology and meet stringent standards for functionality, performance and high system availability. After careful evaluation, new industry-standard hardware and software from the organization’s current vendors ultimately prevailed. The County’s critical support operations, which include Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), remote CAD, mobile communications, Web query, police records management systems and more, now runs in virtual machines hosted on Stratus ftServer systems. The Stratus solution runs critical applications at both the primary dispatch center and the overflow/disaster recovery site to ensure continuous processing under virtually any circumstances.

Delivering 99.999+% system availability, the Stratus ftServer systems are safeguarding the County’s critical support operations against unplanned downtime, data loss, response-time degradation, and inability to access to National Criminal Justice file records—all of which can undermine public safety efforts.

Interested in learning more? Download Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Emergency Services 911 Division Case Study for more detailed information.

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