So, you head to work one morning, say hello to the security guard on your way in, and you fire up the coffee machine, your desktop, and the printer.

Or you try to fire up the printer.

The print server is taking the day off. Can a print server crash put a stop to an entire day’s work? Absolutely. Try creating orders, invoices, receipts, shipping labels and reports without one. If you can’t take an order, your business is dead in the water.

What about the e-mail server? If that goes down, virtually all communication screeches to a halt. Customers can’t contact you with questions, problems, or new orders. You cannot receive email notifications from any other applications you are running, like Sims (?) for example. So now you not only are incommunicado and helpless to fix the problem, you are unprotected, as well.

SMBs in the current market still do not seem to realize that their applications are business critical.  Patient management, order management, print servers and Microsoft Exchange are all essential to daily success, but one outage can put a complete stop to business.

When you stop to think about which of your applications are business critical, take time to consider why you have each of them in the first place. Sometimes, the simplest applications are the most important.