Whether you’re running control processes for a municipal water / wastewater facility on the edge of a metropolitan city, or in rural America, sharpening operational excellence is critical when you are under continuous public scrutiny, dealing with pending risks and penalties for lack of compliance with regulations.

Naturally, one of the key themes to operational excellence is understanding and mitigating risk. To better understand pending risks, here are a handful of challenges I currently see within water and wastewater facilities today:

  • Limited technical resources throughout remote and standalone treatment facilities
  • Heavy government regulations with limited requirements for hardware
  • Security and threat issues as the world continues to become more connected

Here’s what happens when disaster strikes in any of these situations. A system fails (or gets hacked) and non-technical people are surrounding the problem. What happens next? Waiting. Waiting for a technical person to swoop in and save the day. In a continuous process industry like water, seconds or minutes could result in a boil alert or something even worse – nobody wants to be in that situation.

Ultimately, the only way a team can mitigate risk is by spending more time proactively solving small problems before they turn into big ones. That is what I will be sharing during an upcoming webinar. I will show what operational excellence looks like, how to achieve it and where it will be moving toward in water and wastewater facilities in the future.

Join me during my live webinar called, “A Simple Approach to Operational Excellence in Water and Wastewater” June 8th.