everRun® Monitor powered by Sightline Assure®

A single unified view to monitor the health of hardware, operating systems, software applications and remote devices

Maintaining continuous application availability and preventing downtime requires a holistic approach that includes monitoring all components from the underlying hardware and everRun, to the Guest OS and applications, and even external devices. When an issue arises, determining the root cause and fixing it quickly is critical to the health of your operations. For example, an application may be failing due to a faltering hardware component but it could also be related to a poorly tested software upgrade. The integration of everRun® Monitor powered by Sightline Assure® (everRun Monitor) with everRun delivers unprecedented visibility of the entire everRun system stack with the ability to proactively diagnose and remediate issues quickly and keep systems up and running. The complete solution delivers the utmost protection with continuous availability and visibility backed by world class support.

Designed for OT (Operational Technology) users responsible for managing the control of integrated automation systems and applications, the monitoring solution, like everRun software has been built with simplicity in mind. The easy to use solution continuously maintains the health and availability of business-critical systems and applications such as access control, video monitoring, manufacturing automation, baggage handling, slot machine management, building management and security, and more.

everRun Monitor provides a dash board that delivers a unified view of the status of the hardware, operating systems, software applications, network components and edge devices (cameras, controllers, NVRs, etc.) needed to keep the automation environment working at all times. Operators can drill down from this single view for details on their components and subcomponents.

Key Benefits

  • Continuously monitor the health and availability of all components in an integrated automation system, from a single dashboard
  • Maximize uptime for the OS and software applications
  • Access a single-pane-of-glass view of critical automated system infrastructure
  • Detect system performance issues ahead of time and respond before downtime occurs
  • Continuously monitor system resources and automatically restart unavailable applications
  • Customize alert thresholds to provide real-time email notifications of potential issues

Key Features

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

The everRun Monitor dashboard allows operators to identify system performance issues ahead of time and take immediate action to prevent potential downtime. All active operating system application and hardware alerts are aggregated from one or more servers and displayed on the dashboard in real time.

Powerful Analytics Engine

everRun Monitor continuously monitors physical and virtual system resources and performs hundreds of ongoing CPU, disk space, memory and network usage checks. Operators receive early warning reports of capacity issues, degraded application performance and critical system errors. They can also visualize, drill-down and correlate data across multiple servers.

Detailed Alert History and Email Notifications

The system highlights active alerts and provides a comprehensive alert history for all critical servers, operating systems and monitored applications, detailing the duration of a problem, when it was detected and how long before it was resolved.  everRun Monitor also allows operators to customize individual alert thresholds when resources reach a maximum or minimum level, and configure email notifications when performance issues require immediate attention.

[Infographic] How it Works: everRun® Monitor powered by Sightline Assure®

everRun Monitor enhances the ability to monitor the server hardware, the Guest OS’s and the applications on an everRun system. External network components and peripherals can also be monitored to provide full visibility across your entire solution.

everRun Monitor application availability monitoring system dashboard view

Dashboard View


everRun Monitor application availability monitoring system server view

Server View