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Drivers and Tools

Stratus Java Certificate
In order to use the Avance UI without seeing warnings about unsigned Java applications, Stratus is providing a certificate for customers to download.  Please visit the following link to download the certificate file which works with Avance r4.0.0:  stratus_cert

The stratus.cer certificate can be installed by using the Java Control Panel (under Programs->Java->Configure Java in Windows).

  1. Go to the security tab, and look for “Manage Certificates…”
  2. Then pull down “Signer CA” as a “Certificate type”.  Note: make sure you select “Signer CA” rather than the default “Trusted Certificates”
  3. Click on the “Import” button.
  4. In the “Files of type:” field, pull down “All Files”.  Note: make sure you update the “Files of type:” field because the default file extensions (.csr and .p12) don’t include .cer.
  5. Select the stratus.cer file from wherever you downloaded it, and click the “open” box in the file menu.  This will install the certificate.
  6. Close the windows from the Java Control Panel.
  7. Be sure to restart your browser to have the new certificate take effect.

XenConvert 2.1
Avance users must install XenConvert 2.1 to migrate a VM to Avance from either a Physical server or a Virtual Machine that is on a non-Avance platform. You must install the 32 bit or 64 bit version of this tool on the source machine using the downloadable installers provided here. For details on physical to virtual or virtual to virtual conversion see the Avance P2V, V2V and VM Cloning guide or the Avance Online Help.

Avance Command Line Interface (CLI) Client Downloads for all releases
The Avance Command Line Interface (AVCLI) provides a text-based interface for managing an Avance unit and its associated VMs. The CLI enables the user to write scripts and perform other tasks that can otherwise be done via the Avance Management Console. The CLI enables these tasks to be run from the command line of a Windows, RHEL, or Ubuntu client. Instructions for installing the AVCLI application can be found here.

Avance MIB
A Management Information Base (MIB) is a database of objects that can be monitored by a network management system. With Avance, you will need to download the MIBs if you are running SNMP. These downloads allow your SNMP network management software to decipher SNMP alarms for Avance.

Windows 2000 PV Drivers
Drivers for Windows Server 2000 (required). These drivers enhance the performance of the server instance by implementing optimized Xen specific network, storage, and system drivers.

The PV drivers included in R2.1.3.10 and later releases do not support Windows 2000. Please install these older PV drivers on Windows 2000 VMS.

Avance Linux Kernel RPM Downloads for Avance R2.1.2, R2.1, R2.0.1, R2.0.0 and R1.6.1
Linux kernel RPMs are required for all Linux Virtual Machines. Without the kernel RPMs, network connection will not stay connected during Virtual Machine migrations.

For Linux distributions other than RHEL/Centos 4u4, you will need to install the appropriate kernel RPM from the list below. These RPMs include a minimal set of patches which Avance requires for proper operation.

To apply the kernel RPM to a running Linux VM, click on the file name and save the source or binary packages for the release of Linux you installed. Then install the kernel RPM and restart the VM by typing the following commands:

# rpm -ivh –force kernel_file_name.rpm

# reboot

To install the kernel RPM at the same time you install a Linux VM, add the kernel RPM to a repository and to a kickstart file. Add a command in the following format to the post section of the kickstart file:

rpm –i http://‹server_name›/‹kernel_file_name.rpm›

Note: The ‹server_name› is the full URL path for the repository server

Avance RPM Downloads: