Ready your infrastructure for the always-on world

Is your infrastructure ready for the always-on world?

We live in an always-on world. Everything is connected — not just our computers, phones, and other portable devices, but nearly every aspect of daily life. From the gas pumps that ll up our cars (plus the cars themselves) to the card reader for entering the office, the checkout at the grocery store, and the television streaming a movie at night. Services across banking, transportation, healthcare, government, public safety, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, and building systems are all expected to be accessible day and night, 365 days a year. That’s why organizations in these industries must consider the availability of their IT infrastructures.

Much is at stake in terms of business profitability, protection of people and property, and reputation. How much downtime can an organization and its employees, constituents, and customers tolerate per year? Three days? Eight hours? Five minutes? Often, the answer comes down to the cost of downtime. According to research rm Aberdeen Group, one hour of downtime costs the average company $163,674.14. It does not take long for this to mushroom into millions of lost dollars.