Continuous Availability for Power Plant Automation Systems

If you ask power producers just what their key requirements are for power plant automation systems and for enterprise management, you will nearly always get the same answer. The right information at the right time and the right place is what they expect, and that for minimum investment and maintenance costs.

For private use we have found the answer: the Internet. But in the past few years this has also started to be used in the automation sector in general, and especially in the field of power plant controls. Almost all I&C suppliers now offer expansions to existing systems. This enables remote use of at least part of the locally available functions. The communication structures used here are identical with those of the Internet.

To achieve compatibility for the various different functionalities, the existing software systems are provided with an additional, outer layer. In this context we talk of wrapping. There has not yet been any new development of an I&C system that reflects the basic architecture of the Internet, the so-called three tier architecture, from the design stage. The benefits of an architecture of this kind are obvious. On the one hand, this matches the mainstream of the IT world, and thereby enables seamless integration of enterprise-wide communication. This is a must for information provision in liberalized energy markets. On the other hand, this also yields additional benefits for system maintenance and management of low total cost of ownership.
Siemens Power Generation is proud to present SPPA-T3000, the first web-based power plant I&C system in the world truly worthy of this name.

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