Stratus ztC Edge

Zero touch computing for machine builder advantage

Your industrial customers today are demanding smarter, more innovative solutions to help increase profitability. They recognize that digital technologies can help increase business agility, improve operational efficiency, and maintain consistent quality—all at lower costs.

Key benefits

Increased efficiency: With pre-installed virtualization, automated application and data protection, and support for common industrial protocols, ztC Edge simplifies and shortens the time it takes to upgrade your machine’s computing environment and integrate it into your customer’s environment.

Reduced IT dependence: ztC Edge’s self-monitoring and self-protecting capabilities make it ideal for unmanned stations, or remote locations with limited resources. Because it’s highly automated and easy to service, it doesn’t require IT professionals to support and maintain it.

Less downtime risk: ztC Edge’s self-monitoring and self-protecting features help reduce unplanned downtime. Its virtualization host software can be updated on a running system (without requiring a system reboot), eliminating any planned downtime associated with system upgrades.

Enhanced Security: A hardened system with restricted USB ports, default secure communications, and easy to use security features like a host-based firewall, help you easily secure your ztC Edge.

Full Solution Brief