Solution brief

Stratus Fault-Tolerant Systems: Solution Brief

Always-on, 5 nines uptime (99.999+%) trading and back office operations without compromising performance

Stock Exchanges and Capital Markets globally rely on Stratus fault-tolerant platforms, and have for decades. This is because their primary need is uptime and Stratus technology guarantees this. This demand for fault-tolerant systems has only increased with the advent of electronic trading and global free access to markets. However, increasingly competitive and regulated markets are dictating the need for today’s financial trading infrastructures to be efficient and fast in addition to always available and stable.

Key Benefits

  • 5 Nines uptime (99.999+%), the highest reliability available
  • Ultra-fast processing for Linux environments enabling improved application performance, control and security while reducing CPU utilization
  • Unmatched message rates over standard Ethernet with low-latency, low jitter and superior virtualization
  • Superior to N+1 and other fast failover architectures
  • Hardened OS and drivers for Stratus machines offer unmatched stability
  • Reduced operational expense through support for both KVM and container based application deployment
  • Eliminates the need for buying redundant hardware and costly licenses
  • Reduced development costs (as much as 40%) due
    to application transparent architecture

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