Solution brief

everRun MX software for security

Zero downtime for your physical security applications – access control, video surveillance, and PSIM

Zero downtime for your Physical Security Applications, including Access Control, Video Surveillance and PSIM.

EverRun MX Advantages

  • Protects all physical security applications—video monitoring services (VMS), access control, and physical security information system (PSIM)
  • Software solution is affordable to own and simple to use
  • Automated system requires minimal IT staff to operate
  • Provides fault-tolerant protection for multiprocess workloads
  • Protects all components in the application infrastructure
  • Scalable system grows with changing business requirements
  • Uses off-the-shelf, industry-standard hardware
  • Continuous uptime saves IT staff from performing recoveries
  • Requires no application modifications or complex scripting
  • Offers unmatched price/performance for application uptime

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