Solution brief

everRun® Monitor Powered by Slightline Assure

An integrated solution enhancing the ability to monitor everRun systems and peripheral devices, providing full visibility across your entire solutionEdge

Maintaining continuous availability and preventing downtime requires a holistic approach that includes monitoring all components from the underlying hardware, to everRun, to the Guest OS and applications, and even external devices. When an issue arises, determining the root cause and fixing it quickly is critical to the health of your operations. For example, an application may be failing due to a faltering hardware component but it could also be related to a poorly tested software upgrade. The addition of Sightline Assure gives everRun customers unprecedented visibility of the entire everRun system stack with the ability to proactively diagnose and remediate issues quickly, ending confusion and keeping systems up and running efficiently. Now, in one integrated solution, get the utmost protection with continuous availability and visibility backed by world class support.

Key Benefits

  • Continuously monitor the health and availability of all components in an integrated automation system, from a single dashboard
  • Maximize uptime for the OS and software applications
  • Access a single-pane-of-glass view of mission-critical automated system infrastructure
  • Detect system performance issues ahead of time and respond before downtime occurs
  • Continuously monitor system resources and automatically restart unavailable applications
  • Customize alert thresholds to provide real-time email notifications of potential issues