Case study

ftServer & Virtualization Platforms Make Finance Easier: Westpac Institutional Bank

Virtual infrastructure for critical financial application leaves no margin for error

Money never rests. Deposits, settlements, transfers, payments, investments, and purchases race across global networks to satisfy fiduciary commitments, only to be sent off again and again. This is how bond interest is paid, raw materials are purchased, payrolls are met, and grocers’ shelves are stocked. This is how economies function.

Whether a transaction is a $20 ATM withdrawal or multimillion dollar funds transfer, it crosses networks that are owned and operated by service providers. Ostensibly, service providers assume responsibility for assuring the money arrives where and when it’s supposed to.
As with most services, variables such as consistency, reliability, attitude, and customer commitment will stress service-level quality.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Customer-facing file transfer service with transaction values exceeding AUD$1.25M per minute
  • Virtualization platform supports 13 virtual machines and replaces 20 physical servers plus storage devices
  • SLA commitment: total solution availability of 99.99 percent
  • Reduces utility and operational costs, contributing to “greener” operation



  • Stratus support services

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