Case study

Payment Processors Find Continuous Uptime: Stratus V Series

Managing the performance of credit card transaction processing in real-time with the SightlineTM software suite

For two global payments processors that handle billions of merchant transactions each year, ensuring continuous uptime and providing rapid responses to credit card authorization requests are top priorities. The explosive growth in card-not-present e-commerce transactions coupled with ever increasing card-present transactions has spurred tremendous business expansion while presenting new challenges for operations staff responsible for maintaining service levels. At the heart of each company’s operations are several Stratus® V Series systems, delivering the performance and industry-leading uptime required for these high-volume 24/7/365 customer-facing operations.

Quick Facts

Solution profile

Provides visibility into performance data from servers, applications, networks and other sources
Enables staff to detect and diagnose performance problems in minutes
Proactively issues alerts upon detection of abnormal system activity
Performs trend analysis for capacity planning
Facilitates optimal use of system resources


SightlineTM performance management solution
Stratus V Series (OpenVOS) and Continuum platforms


Ongoing technical support: Stratus and Sightline Systems
Available on all standard operating systems

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