Case study

PCI compliance in multi-national corporations

Strengthening security of mission-critical systems with VOS auditor from Stratus and ARI

Financial services organizations that handle large volumes of payment card transactions must safeguard critical information or face substantial penalties and loss of business. Security guidelines, such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), are constantly evolving as technology and business processes change and new threats are discovered.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Restricts unauthorized use of Stratus VOS system
  • Incorporates company-defined security profiles for all users
  • Automates process of managing user privileges/permissions
  • Monitors user activities and issues immediate alerts upon any violation attempts
  • Maintains secure, comprehensive audit trail of all activities
  • Helps ensure PCI compliance


  • VOS Auditor security and auditing solution from Application Resources, Inc. (ARI)
  • Stratus VOS operating system
  • Stratus Continuum® and V-Series systems


  • Ongoing technical support from Stratus

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