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OpenVOS tools in Fortune 500 corporations

Improving operational management of mission-critical systems with VOS Essentials from Stratus and ARI

For businesses that execute thousands of financial transactions each day, the reliability and speed of their processing platforms are crucial for business success. Major financial services enterprises rely on Stratus® VOS systems due to their unmatched availability and operational simplicity. Employing teams of operators to run hundreds or thousands of jobs each day, these organizations are constantly seeking ways to streamline resource utilization, control costs and quickly resolve production issues.

Quick Facts

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Improves efficiency and reliability of production system environment
Enhances visibility into system performance
Reduces risk of operator error
Automatically resolves potential problems without interruption G Operates 24×7 without operator intervention


VOS Essentials from Application Resources, Inc
Stratus VOS operating system
Stratus Continuum® and V-Series systems


Ongoing technical support from Stratus

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