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24/7/365 Uptime Keeps Production Supply Chain Systems Moving: Dunbia

Stratus and 24/7/365 uptime ensure always-on availability for production supply chain systems

For any firm involved in manufacturing and processing, ensuring continuous operation of production supply chain systems is absolutely critical to the business. Any downtime has immediate impact on productivity and profitability, as well as serious ripple effects in terms of customer service levels and damaged reputation. As a leading supplier of fresh meat products to many of the UK’s largest retail supermarkets, Dunbia has selected always-on availability software from Stratus Technologies to ensure applications will continue to run regardless of any hardware failure.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Fast-moving, high-pressure retail supply chain environment, delivering fresh meat daily throughout the UK
  • Always-on availability of business-critical production systems
  • Simple solution built on industry-standard servers with low administrative overhead
  • Virtually eliminates system downtime and associated business loss


  • Stratus everRun software

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