Case study

Continuously Available Asset Management System | Albian Sands

Stratus and Rockwell ensure always-on availability of asset management system

Albian Sands Energy Inc. runs the oil sands mining operation at the Muskeg River Mine located 75 kilometers north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. In oil sands mining, a mix of oil and sand is removed from just below the surface using shovels and trucks. The material is mixed with warm water to separate the oil from the sand.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Oil sands operation that produces 155,000 barrels per day, supplying 10 percent of Canada’s oil needs
  • Critical solution for centrally managing maintenance and control of remote mining assets
  • Always-on availability of Rockwell Software Maintenance Automation Control Center (RSMACC)
  • Applications are installed, run, managed and accessed through a single virtual server, eliminating the need to license, install and manage multiple copies as required in clustering and failover situations


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