Stratus and Microsoft Over-Deliver On 99.999% Uptime for Windows Server Applications & Databases

Stratus Teams with Microsoft to deliver continuous uptime for WindowsServer applications and databases

Stratus and Microsoft shared the vision of creating business-critical solutions that could deliver better than 99.999% uptime on Windows server applications for both the hardware and operating system. That strategic relationship continues today as the two companies work closely together to further expand their technologies and market reach in support of mission-critical applications.


  • Industry-leading uptime of 99.999% or greater ensures comprehensive uptime protection
  • Affordable open-systems family offers a range of configurations and performance options
  • Hardened drivers and rapid disk resynchronization strengthen availability protection and data integrity
  • Built-in fault-detection, isolation and call-home features prevent outages
  • Active Upgrade™ technology simplifies routine maintenance and reduces “planned” downtime
  • Operational simplicity facilitates rapid deployment and ease of use
  • Online manageability and serviceability protects “lights out” and remote locations
  • Worldwide ActiveService™ network delivers 24/7 online service and support

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