Stratus continuous availability software solutions

Enabling always-on applications

Regardless of which stage of NFV transformation you are in, the need for availability and resiliency is always there — whether you have virtualized your applications or are using a cloud solution. But typical hypervisors like KVM, and cloud solutions such as OpenStack, do not support high availability or continuous availability. In addition, modifying applications is time consuming, complex and risky making NFV a daunting proposition for Telcos, Communications Service Providers and their customers. This solution brief explains how Stratus’ Software Defined Availability software solutions (SDA) moves fault management and automatic failover from the applications to the software infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Reduce time, complexity and the risk in achieving instantaneous resiliency and the highest levels of availability for any application

  • Seamless and instantaneous fault management and continuous availability for any application, without code changes—includes fault detection, localization, isolation, recovery, and repair

Use what you have—utilize commodity x86 servers

  • Supports “cloudy” OpenStack-based applications and KVM virtualized applications on any commodity x86 server

Get multiple levels of availability

  • Dynamically specifies availability levels at deployment time
  • Automatically restores functionality and redirects traffic for all applications when a primary fails
  • Optionally maintains globally consistent state for certain applications

Enables latency-sensitive stateful applications in mixed environments

  • Enables mixed deployments of control elements that may be stateful while the forwarding elements may be stateless, leveraging DPDK and SR-IOV for higher performance and lower latency processing