Cloud Computing & Fault Tolerance: Solutions for CSPs

Software-based fault-tolerant cloud computing solutions

The Stratus software-based fault-tolerant cloud computing solutions enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs), cloud providers and application providers to easily offer and deploy any Virtualized Network Function (VNF) or other cloud application as a highly available (HA) or stateful fault-tolerant (FT) network function, with geographic redundancy—without changes to application code.

Key Benefits

Seamless protection and fault-tolerance

  • Save time and reduce complexity in deploying anyvirtualized and cloud application for transparentand instantaneous service continuity, withoutcode changes

Fault management and selectable levels of resilience for all VNFs

  • Deploy a variety of functions such as control and forwarding elements with selectable levels of resilience for each, including high availability and fault-tolerance, with geo-redundancy

Efficiency of redundancy

  • Unlike traditional fault-tolerant approaches, which limit utilization to sub-50%, the Stratus Cloud Solutions dramatically increase efficiency of redundancy with over 80% utilization—for lower CAPEX and OPEX

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