Sightline Performance and Analytic Tools for ftScalable Storage

SightLine software offers unparalleled performance management, capacity planning and analytics for your Stratus® ftScalable™ storage array. Whether you need a single solution for all of your ftScalable storage monitoring needs or an integrated holistic view of a cross-platform, multi-component storage infrastructure, SightLine software delivers.

Ways you benefit

As a solution for all of your storage monitoring needs, SightLine software allows you to:

  • Be proactive instead of reactive by setting thresholds for notification and
    alerts, to ensure that you can address performance issues before internal or external customers are impacted.
  • Perform powerful correlation, root-cause analysis and forensic investigation on real-time or over-time data that is stored centrally rather than in disparate databases
  • Gather realtime metrics that give you instant visibility down to the process level of every piece of your infrastructure.
  • Accurately forecast and budget for future growth via powerful analysis and capacity planning capabilities.