Alaric Fractals Fraud Detection and Prevention

Alaric Fractals and Stratus ftServer systems conquer payments fraud in real time

Conquer payments fraud in real time with Alaric Fractals and Stratus ftServer systems. The solution’s cost-effective implementation and industry-leading fraud detection rates deliver a rapid return on investment. Its low false positive ratios improve investigator efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. Running on ftServer platforms, this integrated fraud detection system analyzes high-volume, multi-channel transactions in real time ̶ prior to authorization. ftServer systems are optimized for 24/7 transaction processing, delivering the continuous uptime and reliability that real-time fraud detection systems require.

Solution Benefits

  • Industry-leading fraud detection rates provide a rapid return on investment
  • Low false positive ratios improve fraud investigator efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Enables rapid integration with existing and new payment channels
  • Direct and rapid GUI-based rule entry is designed for business users — no programming is required
  • Flexible configurations, including real-time solutions for organizations of any size
  • Significantly less historical data is required for model training than with neural-network-based solutions; this enables tailored fraud models and quick model retraining for emerging fraud patterns
  • Separate analysis database for management information reporting
  • Stratus’ ftServer hardware platform prevents downtime and data loss and delivers greater than 99.999% uptime

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