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451 Research – Availability in a Software-Defined World

In this webinar, John Abbott from 451 Research, takes a high level look at current market trends in HA and where things are heading over the next few years. Jason Andersen from Stratus then discusses the components that make up Software-Defined Availability and why it goes beyond HA.

Achieving Availability and Resiliency in OpenStack Telco Networks

OpenStack has been selected as the cloud platform of choice by most Telcos for NFV. While OpenStack supports basic levels of availability it does not support service continuity and stateful fault tolerance. This is a major concern for the Telcos. By inserting a Virtualized Cloud Resilience Layer that transparently brings Telco reliability to any cloud application, Telcos can use OpenStack with the confidence that any application can be deployed with selectable levels of availability, including stateful fault tolerant with geo-redundancy, without required code changes.

Achieving Instantaneous Fault Tolerance for Any Application on Commodity Hardware

This Light Reading webinar discusses the importance of resiliency and high availability to communications applications. As applications and network functions are virtualized, the need for resiliency becomes even more critical if applications are deployed on less physically reliable white box servers. Implementation at the application level can be costly and risky, and sometimes not possible, until now.

Application Downtime Your Productivity Killer

In this Webcast, John Blanchard of ARC Advisory Group, explains how prevailing manufacturing trends including the deployment of mission-critical applications and expansion to 24x7 operations — are making uptime assurance more important than ever before.

Availability for Always-On Building Security and Automation Systems

This on-demand webinar focuses on the importance of preventing downtime for building security and automation systems. Watch this webinar to learn about the degrees of availability, the exact risks of server downtime, less obvious costs you can incur, and the different types of availability solutions.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Where Do You Start?

This Aberdeen Webinar focuses on the capabilities best-in-class organizations adopt to ensure continued business operations — even in the event of system failure. Learn what these companies are doing to maintain business-critical services—all the time.

Cost and Implications of EHR Downtime on Physician Practices

Drawing upon findings from comprehensive research, Noted Healthcare IT consultant, Mark R. Anderson, discusses the costs of EHR downtime and how to calculate the average cost for your practice.

Maximizing SQL Server Availability

Michael Otey of SQL Server Magazine discusses the best ways to improve Microsoft SQL Server availability including -- Windows Failover Clustering, Database Mirroring, SQL Server AlwaysOn, High Availability Software and Fault Tolerant Servers.

Preventing Manufacturing Downtime Webinar

IndustryWeek Webinar survey results and best practices on the cost of downtime.

Preventing Manufacturing Downtime: Two year Survey Results and Best Practices

Watch as Roman Bukary GM of Manufacturing/Wholesale & Distribution from NetSuite analyzes a survey conducted by Industryweek on behalf of Stratus Technologies. This survey focuses on the cost of application downtime and the analysis includes insights into what manufacturers are currently experiencing with regard to downtime and which strategies are being leveraged to prevent it.

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