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10GbE Ethernet Adapter Card

Now packaged together for operational simplicity, Stratus’ ftServer with Solarflare’s Flareon™Ultra dual-port 10G Ethernet SFP+ server adapter and OpenOnload, delivers unmatched message rates over standard Ethernet with low latency, jitter and CPU utilization, enabling the industry’s best performance and scalability for enterprise data center environments.

Continuous application availability for water and wastewater facilities

Water and wastewater organizations are dealing with many challenges including aging infrastructures, increasing regulatory oversight and workforce challenges. Additionally, these challenges are draped with the backdrop of tight fiscal budgets and heightened concern over issues such as water pollution and clean water sourcing. The demand for continuous availability computing infrastructure has only increased as water and wastewater organizations consolidate and simplify their systems and applications by leveraging the latest server virtualization technologies. This solution brief will describe how water and wastewater organizations can modernize their automation environments while addressing the above challenges.

Disaster Recovery for everRun

Protect your business, your customer base and your revenue stream with a disaster recovery solution that costs less, recovers faster and requires fewer resources to deploy and manage than other solutions.

everRun MX Software

Software-based downtime prevention that protects all of our Microsoft Windows applications with a single solution.

everRun MX Software for Security

Zero downtime for your Physical Security Applications, including Access Control, Video Surveillance and PSIM.

everRun Software Product Overview

Stratus offers a complete family of everRun solutions to meet the full spectrum of high availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery requirements.

everRun SplitSite

With Stratus® everRun® SplitSite® software, you can get true disaster resilience by maintaining application availability between systems located in different, independent sites.

everRun SplitSite Solution Brief
everRun Technical Support Services

Delivering the support you need to ensure that your fault-tolerant environment stays that way.

everRun® Monitor Powered by Slightline Assure

An integrated solution enhancing the ability to monitor everRun systems and peripheral devices, providing full visibility across your entire solution.

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