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Advanced Transaction Router

Stratus Advanced Transaction Router (ATR) software ensures the continuous flow of traffic throughout global or localized networks. Ideal for any business that relies on transaction processing, the Stratus Advanced Transaction Router is proven technology that is being used today in the toughest computing environment the world has to offer — financial services.

Alaric Authentic on Stratus ftServer Systems

This high-performance multi-channel EFT switching, routing, and payment authorization system delivers total availability for financial services transactions. Alaric Authentic on Stratus ftServer systems brings issuers, acquirers and processors a readily adaptable payments platform that accepts transactions from emerging payment channels and fully meets regulatory and compliance requirements. Optimized for high-volume, real-time transaction processing, this proven open systems solution authorized over six billion transactions per year at one global customer -- with uptime in excess of 99.99999%.

Alaric Fractals Fraud Detection and Prevention

Conquer payments fraud in real time with Alaric Fractals and Stratus ftServer systems. The solution’s cost-effective implementation and industry-leading fraud detection rates deliver a rapid return on investment. Its low false positive ratios improve investigator efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. Running on ftServer platforms, this integrated fraud detection system analyzes high-volume, multi-channel transactions in real time ̶ prior to authorization. ftServer systems are optimized for 24/7 transaction processing, delivering the continuous uptime and reliability that real-time fraud detection systems require.

Assured Availability ftService Offering for VOS-Based Systems

When you pair your VOS-based application solutions with our Assured Availability ftService offering, you benefit from the industry’s highest levels of uptime and 24/7 access to an entire team of senior support engineers. Assured Availability customers also have direct access to the OpenVOS development team, ensuring a level of system and OS expertise that is only available from Stratus.

Automated Uptime Layer Brochure

This brochure describes how the Automated Uptime Layer detects, isolates and resolves faults before they cause downtime.

Availability for Dummies (2nd Edition)

This informative ebook explains the true importance of availability, the real costs of downtime, and how to pick the availability option that best matches your organization’s needs. It also describes how the latest computing trends, like virtualization and the cloud, impact availability and increase the need for bulletproof downtime prevention strategies and solutions.

Avance Split-Site Reference Architecture

Avance Synchronized Split-Site Deployment Brings Enhanced Disaster Recovery to SMBs

Avance Uptime Assurance for Healthcare

As you increase the use of health information technology in your practice, you want to avoid the problems that happen when systems don’t work as expected. The highly automated Stratus Avance® software is the most reliable and affordable way to keep your healthcare and practice management applications available, all the time.

DRA StorGate Storage Gateway

The DRA StorGate™ Storage Gateway is a turnkey solution that allows Stratus® ftServer® V Series and Continuum® systems to seamlessly store and access VOS data on a target storage array.

DRA SuperSync Enterprise Backup

DRA SuperSync™ Enterprise Backup enables reliable high-speed backup of VOS data on Stratus ftServer V Series and Continuum systems to your Tivoli® or VERITAS® enterprise backup facility. This economical solution offers superior protection for the availability and integrity of data backups. It can even be used to enable instant roll-back recovery of any pre-selected databases or entire system images.

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