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ARC Brief: Application Downtime – Your Productivity Killer

This report from the ARC advisory group discusses the need of manufacturers to have continuous availability solutions in place for their mission critical MES, ERP and CAM applications.

Best Practices for Protecting Virtualized Applications

Aberdeen Group research finds that Best-in-Class companies prefer fault-tolerant servers over other high availability solutions to protect their virtualized applications against downtime.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Don’t Go it Alone

This new Aberdeen Group report focuses on the actions, capabilities, and technology enablers that best-in-class organizations adopt to ensure continued business operations — even in the event of system failure. Learn what steps these companies are taking to maintain business-critical services—all the time.

Continuous Processing versus Oracle RAC: An Analyst’s Review

Dan Kusnetzky, analyst for The Kusnetzky Group, investigates the tradeoffs of  high-availability solutions designed to keep applications running continuously.  One popular approach, a clustering solution typified by Oracle's Reliable Application Clusters (RAC), may fall short of the alternative, fault-tolerant hardware.

Datacenter Downtime: How Much Does It Really Cost?

The Aberdeen Group reports that the dream of perfect, or near-perfect, datacenter uptime is still just a dream for all but a tiny fraction of organizations.  In February 2012, Aberdeen conducted in-depth analysis of a number of factors surrounding datacenter downtime. Survey respondents were asked questions concerning the average number of downtime events per year, the average length of an event, the cost per hour of downtime and the time it took to recover 90% of business operations following a business interruption. Read the report to understand industry norms, where your organization fits, and what actions can be taken.

ESG Solution Showcase: Increasing the Availability of VMware Virtual Machines Is about “And” Instead of “Or”

ESG Principal Analyst, Jason Buffington, discusses how infrastructures built upon VMware can increase the availability of the systems that matter most to organizations (without requiring any changes to long-term IT strategy or day-to-day IT management) by utilizing fault tolerant servers as their hosts.

Four Steps to Determine the Right Budget for Downtime Prevention

According to an Aberdeen Group survey, 93 percent of organizations experience more than 5 minutes of unplanned downtime each year. That means that the vast majority of companies still suffer measurable amounts of costly business interruptions each and every year. Based on work with 136 organizations of all sizes, Aberdeen Group has compiled a four-step guide to help you determine the appropriate budget for downtime prevention.

Harvard Research Group Assessment: Stratus everRun Enterprise

This new Harvard Research Group report discusses how Stratus is meeting the increasing demands for always-on applications and delivering mainframe-like availability with its next generation software solution, everRun® Enterprise.

High Availability in Manufacturing Without the Complexity of Clusters: An Analyst’s Approach

This paper by Dan Kusnetzky discusses the various cluster technology options that are available and how a high availability solution can provide manufacturers with an easier solution to keep their critical applications up and running.

High Availability Without the Complexity of Clusters: An Analysts’ Approach

IT has often turned to various types of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) technologies to assure that its solutions don't fail.  Unfortunately, these are often very complex and can be quite costly.  This paper considers the problem, and compares alternative sofware solutions.

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