Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Increase plant effectiveness.
Future-Proof Your Operations

For organizations from water authorities and oil and gas pipelines to manufacturing plants, it is all about increased efficiencies in 2017. You can operate smarter, faster, safer and with greater simplicity of management.

Master the modern approaches to reducing business, operational and technology impacts of planned and unplanned downtime. Maximize operational efficiency with a modern operational technology system. Get your Best Practices kit for Modernizing Automation and learn how to:

  • Eliminate unplanned downtime of SCADA and ICS assets
  • Increase performance with modernized Operational Technology
  • Optimize efficiency and drive plant innovation with virtualization
  • Develop a future-ready Operational Technology system to support IIoT and emerging applications
  • Prevent data loss to ensure comprehensive records for regulatory compliance and analytics


I don’t have to lie in bed at night worrying about whether the automation solution is going to go down or not. If I have to give three words to describe our Stratus experience, they will be reliability, configurability and sustainability.
Steve Adams, Lead Automation Electrical Engineer, Columbia Pipeline Group
satisfaction ratings that meet or surpass expectations. Best in class for loyalty, recommendations, and customer retention.
application downtime incurred due to component failure.
average server life span. Superior ROI and twice the productive value of conventional servers.

in Partnership with industry leaders

Customers expect us to bring always-on performance to the operating environments and products they use most often. We can offer sophisticated, high-performance solutions that integrate seamlessly into any IT infrastructure because of our strategic alliances with other open-systems technology leaders. These mutually beneficial partnerships deliver customer value that’s impossible to achieve with either party working alone, beginning with initial installation and continuing throughout the application lifecycle.