True integration of electronic security systems can deliver remarkable results, provided all the component parts are continuously available.

Integration within the electronic security environment has for many years been a much over used and quite often, misunderstood word. It has not been uncommon for manufacturers, perhaps unintentionally, to have incorrectly claimed to have achieved true integration of their products with third party devices and software.

True integration means the respective manufacturer’s solutions are both backward and forward compatible. Otherwise, what you have is a security system comprising of two or more component systems which are able to interact ‘today’, but could present you with unexpected frustration at some point in the future when one of the manufacturers inevitably upgrades its firmware or software. This particularly applies to access control or video surveillance systems but is an equally important issue when you are looking to deploy, for example, video management software, analytics, ANPR, command & control or PSIM systems.

The good news is that many of the leading brands have recognised this threat to the end-user’s ability to gain maximum long term benefit from having all their security systems interacting at all times, and have formed technology partnerships to ensure true, long term integration.

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