Customised application availability

Quickly transform your applications into continuously available solutions, accelerating time to revenue

Most enterprises today run a variety of mixed workloads, with different levels of business criticality. Smarter organisations are sizing and designing their IT infrastructure to match the availability requirements of their applications, and paying for just what they need. Fault-tolerant systems for those applications that must run 24x7x365. Highly-available systems where up to 4 hours of downtime might be acceptable.

everRun simplifies the process of meeting your changing availability requirements. A highly versatile, yet affordable continuously-available software solution, everRun combined with industry standard x86 systems quickly and easily protects your virtualised workloads and data. Use everRun to rapidly and cost effectively deliver the levels of continuous availability you need, when and where you need them.

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Key benefits

Select the levels of availability that maximise your revenue, safety, and return on investment:

Customise your availability environment:

Easily adjust the availability level of each VM to meet your changing requirements and SLAs

Accelerate time to value:

Quickly implement both highly available and continuously available platforms with no application modifications

Protect your corporate data:

Eliminate data corruption and data loss. Software-based checkpointing and statepointing protect both replicated and in-flight data

Ensure business continuity:

Replicate applications and data at multiple metro area sites to protect against building-wide disaster

Companies customising their availability with everRun

everRun features

Innovative software technologies deliver advanced versatility and functionality:

Adjustable availability levels:

Choose high availability (HA) or fault-tolerant (FT) mode for each virtual machine. Run them simultaneously

Industry standard hardware support:

Runs on a wide variety of commodity-off-the-shelf, Intel-based x86 systems

Software-based fault tolerance:

Applications being processed in parallel continue to deliver services despite component failure

Built-in virtualisation:

Integrated virtualisation platform based on KVM provides a continuously available shared resource pool

Metro-wide availability protection:

Uses synchronous data replication with automatic resynching of disk drives and VM memory

Comprehensive availability console:

Set up, configure, and manage your entire environment, including external devices, from a single web-based interface

Remote availability services:

Automatically monitors your systems and alerts you of issues, so you don’t have to

Increased security:

Improved password management and enhanced IP tables

everRun software

Select the everRun version that’s right for you

everRun Express

Affordable high-availability software solution for virtualised general purpose workloads

everRun Enterprise

Comprehensive high-availability and fault tolerant software solution for virtualised tier 1 applications

everRun options

Stratus offers a variety of certified options to easily extend your continuously available infrastructure:

Support Services

Comprehensive 24×7 software maintenance and support services ensure your systems are secure and operating at their peak


Protects your applications and data against site-wide catastrophic failures. Synchronises data across metro-area sites

everRun Extend

Powered by Arcserve RHA, enables application fault tolerance across WAN connected sites using asynchronous replication

everRun resources

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