Reliable, always on virtualisation for OEMs and machine builders

Simple – Protected – Autonomous:
Edge computing drives digital transformation

Solving the challenges of a standalone architecture

For OEMs and machine builders, Stratus delivers reliable, autonomous and secure Edge Computing solutions that provide integrated redundancy and built-in virtualisation with local recovery in a rugged, industrial-grade and IT-independent package. We help you and your customers achieve the benefits of digital transformation.

Revision is difficult and servicing is a nuisance

By moving away from stand-alone computers into virtualisation, OEMs and machine builders and their customers will save significant time and money while reducing the allocation and demands on engineers. Through virtualisation, revisions are no longer difficult and servicing is more efficient.

Multiple standalone devices are difficult to maintain

Maintenance is easy with virtual machines. If a customer has a problem, the engineer that is remoting only has to pull up archive information about the equipment and load the new software once.

Standalone devices are inflexible and very hard to enhance once they are deployed

Virtual machines from Stratus optimise resources with less impact on engineering. Adapt and change is quicker and easier to achieve.

Stratus Technologies provides edge computing platforms and solutions that are simple, easy-to-deploy, protected from threats and interruptions, and operate autonomously.

OEMs and machine builders who want to separate themselves from the competition must evolve in order to achieve digital transformation. Stratus provides solutions that enable edge computing and virtualisation needed to succeed in this evolution.