Innovative solutions for OEM machine builders

Smarter manufacturing requires next-generation equipment

Your industrial customers are faced with increasing demands to increase their productivity – all while keeping costs in line.  What they require are smart factories optimised for smart manufacturing with proven components to ensure improved business outcomes.  To achieve this, they, in turn, are demanding smarter, more innovative solutions from their suppliers – OEM machine builders such as you.  However, making your equipment smarter requires more than simply adding computer hardware and software.  Your embedded computing systems must also meet stringent performance requirements, operate reliably under adverse conditions, and provide greater visibility and continuous access to critical data and information.  How can you incorporate this level of availability and reliability into your systems without adding more complexity?

Meet the Stratus ztC Edge server.  Designed specifically for OT environments, ztC Edge is a versatile, fully integrated, self-protecting, virtualised industrial computing platform that helps machine builders increase efficiency, reduce IT burden, and lower downtime risk. A pair of rugged nodes, with integrated redundancy, built-in virtualisation, automated recovery, and cloud-based system health management services, ztC Edge delivers virtualised industrial IoT and control applications quickly and reliably. ztC Edge is easy to integrate, easy to manage, and easy to service. Accelerate time to market, while lowering costs at every stage of your product’s lifecycle – from design, development, delivery, operation, quality, security and support – by using Stratus ztC Edge for your machine’s computing needs.


With pre-installed virtualisation, and automated application and data protection, ztC Edge simplifies and shortens the time it takes to modernise your machine’s computing system. Redundant, hot-swappable nodes that can be replaced by your customer save you time and effort.


ztC Edge’s self-monitoring and self-protecting capabilities make it ideal for unmanned stations, or remote locations with limited IT resources. Because it takes care of itself, IT has more time to focus on other priorities and value-added activities.


ztC Edge’s virtualisation host software can be updated on a running system (without requiring a system reboot), thus reducing planned downtime. Its self-monitoring and self-protecting features help reduce unplanned downtime as well.