Removing the complexity from availability

Stratus takes the complexity out of keeping business critical applications running 24/7. Our technologies proactively prevent instances of unplanned downtime both in the data centre and at the edge, and our services ensure any issues are addressed before customers need to.

Global Fortune 500 companies and small and medium-sized businesses in a wide range of industries across the globe have been relying on Stratus for operationally simple, continuous availability for more than 35 years.

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Operationally simple

Standards based platform and software deployable from the data centre to the edge, manageable by non-IT staff

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Continuous availability

99.999% continuous application availability without loss of data in flight

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Cost effective

Prevention of downtime secures reputation, lowers cost and guarantees data integrity and compliance

Continuous availability is at the core of what Stratus offers. But the simplicity of our solutions makes them even more valuable to our customers. And the fact that we prevent downtime from happening in the first place, guaranteeing data integrity, means a compelling TCO.

Stratus is a privately held company, owned by Siris Capital Group. The parent company, Stratus Technologies Bermuda, Ltd, is incorporated in Bermuda.

The Stratus Leadership Team