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What Does 100% Uptime Mean, and How Does It Pertain to SLAs?

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I was on Spiceworks today and ran into this conversation about 100% uptime.I had a few thoughts but am interested in what others had to say, as well. Share them below, or on Spiceworks! Most SLAs will claim 100% uptime (which most of you know is unattainable) with the provisions that “an outage doesn’t count if it is under 10 minutes” or caused by certain factors, or a host of other excuses.

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SLAs should have teeth

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Uptime SLAs are not being written to protect the customer. They are designed to shield the service provider and avoid responsibility. It should be different. I was just reading some stories of system downtime on the LinkedIn conversation “Skip Continuous Availability and High Availability. Have You Been a Victim of No Availability?” It struck me that service providers are failing to write SLAs that respond to the real costs of downtime.

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