Stratus’ focus on preventing downtime and data loss brings you much more than basic break-fix support. If you’re used to average server and software support, get ready to experience meaningful differences like:

Proactive, Remote Support that Prevents Downtime
Platform monitoring and diagnostics are active 24/7 not just after an event has caused a problem. This is key to our ability to assure the availability of the platforms you rely on to support your most critical business processes.

Immediate Response from an Availability Expert
Our response time and problem resolution skills are second to none. Every Stratus service engineer is a highly skilled expert dedicated to helping you ensure your business processes run 24/7.

In-Depth System Health Reporting
With diagnostic information always at their fingertips, Stratus support engineers have the details they need to help determine the root cause of hardware and software issues. We then implement prevention plans to mitigate the risk of hitting known problems in the future.

Critical is Defined by Your Business Needs
Stratus offers a tailored support model to meet the unique requirements of your most critical business services.

Single Source of Accountability
Deep knowledge and experience helps us resolve multi-vendor issues. We provide a single source of accountability for complex inter-related platform, system software and operating system support issues even when vendor responsibility is not immediately clear.

Dedication to Downtime Prevention is a Core Value
Commitment to prevention of downtime is more than a promise with our support services. It’s embedded in Stratus’ culture and brought into action by the technology, process and accountability we use to provide customer care.