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Case Study Describes How Stratus is Helping a Top-Tier Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

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When it comes to deploying police, fire and emergency services, every second counts. That’s why public safety organizations simply cannot tolerate unplanned downtime of critical applications. If system interruptions delay notifications of emergency responders, it could result in property theft, damage, personal injury or even loss of life.

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Protecting Public Safety Applications from the Cost of Downtime

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Uptime for Public Saftety Answering Point (PSAP) applications is critical for a multitude of reasons. Downtime causes slower emergency response times, impacts the ability of computer systems to capture and disseminate vital information, jeopardizes the safety of first responders when location history and fire inspection data is not available, harms public perception and reputation of your department, and even opens the department up to potential lawsuits.

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Keeping computer aided dispatch software up and running: St. Charles County case study

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Anyone in the public safety sector will tell you that the key to a safe neighborhood and a successful first-response system is teamwork. Everyone is essential. For example, even on one small car fire, the person who calls 9-1-1; the dispatch operator who answers the phone and sends the proper emergency personnel; the fire engine driver who navigates the truck safely through crowded streets; the firefighters who extinguish the blaze, etc.

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Public Safety Outage

Preventing Public Safety Outages

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Saturday’s 911-system outage in the District of Columia highlights the necessity for fault tolerant systems running mission-critical applications. Due to a PEPCO power outage to the call site on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, citizens could not reach EMS personnel from 1:53 to 2:16 p.m. Although traditional and social media channels did their best to get the word out about alternate numbers, all 617,996 citizens of the District were put at risk.

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APCO Public Safety International Conference and Exposition

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I’ve been busy the past few weeks away from the office and deep in the thumping heart of Public Safety. APCO, which debuted it’s new brand logo at the conference. APCO is a conference dedicated to the innovation and development of best-in-class public safety communications, unifying people and technology in order to save lives.

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