production downtime

Customer Spotlight: Preventing Production Downtime for Rexam North America

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Starting this month, we will begin featuring stories about our customers in the Customer Spotlight Series, a new section of the blog that showcases the diversity and results our customers are seeing. This month’s spotlight is on Rexam, one of the world’s top five consumer packaging companies. Rexam is a manufacturer of consumer packaging and beverage cans, serving a number of markets including the beverage, personal care, healthcare and food markets.

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ehr applications

Keeping EHR Applications Available at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

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Today, your Danskos are going to power over the linoleum floors, moving from patient room to patient room. In a sea of charts, beeping machines, gurneys and meal carts, you know that one small misstep can set back your whole day. It isn’t a large leap, then, to understand that one lapse of even a small amount of downtime for the a hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system can bring the entire hospital – staff, patients, and machines alike – to a standstill.

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uptime slas

What Does 100% Uptime Mean, and How Does It Pertain to SLAs?

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I was on Spiceworks today and ran into this conversation about 100% uptime.I had a few thoughts but am interested in what others had to say, as well. Share them below, or on Spiceworks! Most SLAs will claim 100% uptime (which most of you know is unattainable) with the provisions that “an outage doesn’t count if it is under 10 minutes” or caused by certain factors, or a host of other excuses.

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