Cloud Computing

Digital Transformation Essentials for the Plant and the Edge

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More and more, Digital Transformation, or DX, is becoming a necessity for business operations. Its impact is particularly felt when automation systems and plant assets become a part of the initiatives. For these systems, it is Edge Computing that bridges the gap between sensor-enabled assets and cloud-based analytics.

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How to Lay the Foundation to Modernize Water/Wastewater Control Systems

By Blog / Post, Scada, Virtualization, Water and Wastewater

While complete infrastructure upgrades are long, expensive projects, modern tech and automation systems can yield important improvements. SCADA systems assets are at the heart of these improvements and must be protected from unplanned downtime or data loss in order to realize the full benefit that these upgrades can offer.

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Server Virtualization

Five IT/OT Essentials for Control Systems Projects with Cloud and Edge Computing

By Blog / Post, Cost of Downtime, Edge Computing, IIoT

When developing complex digital strategies to achieve successful IoT initiatives and control system projects, the convergence of OT and IT processes is essential. To align OT and IT processes and reduce risks for more effective industrial computer projects, some factors should be considered.

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