Fault Tolerant and High Availability Virtualization Software For Your Solutions That Must Not Fail

Prevent Downtime, Ensure Business Continuity and Maintain Data Integrity – Easily and Affordably

Overview / Benefits / Features

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Continuous availability – now a global requirement – touches every part of our lives. And the need for continuously available applications has become more pervasive across all market sectors – from building automation, to industrial automation and public safety across communities worldwide.

But what’s driving this demand? Besides the obvious expansion of users, environments, devices and a global economy, there’s also machine-to-machine communication, “smart” devices and the internet of things where anything and everything can be connected.  As organizations struggle to increase revenue, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and plan for business continuity, the demand for reliable, continuous availability of business critical applications, becomes even more important.

Achieve business continuity and data integrity

Stratus’ everRun is continuous availability virtualization software that prevents downtime, ensures business continuity and maintains data integrity by keeping applications up and running– easily and affordably.

This all-in-one availability solution:

  • Prevents downtime and protects your data in all your locations
  • Enables you to achieve your business continuity plans and meet your SLAs at a lower cost and with better performance than other availability solutions
  • Provides a virtualization platform enabling you to run more applications with less hardware and protect them from downtime to further optimize efficiencies, simplify deployment and maximize investments
  • Monitors applications and every component of your system, alerting you if a problem should arise, so you can take immediate action to head it off
  • Provides two levels of availability –fault-tolerant and high availability

The solution is ideal for business-critical applications in any industry, in any size organization, at the network’s edge or in the data center.

Easy, affordable, flexible

Unlike other solutions, Stratus’ everRun prevents downtime, rather than recovering from it. And that difference has a big impact on your revenue, costs, customer satisfaction and efficiency rates.

everRun is quick and easy to use with click and go installation and centralized management tools requiring no special skills, saving you in IT overhead. And its comprehensive monitoring and notification features are the reasons we call it “worry-free computing”.

Utilize existing competencies within your organization and industry standard hardware. This availability solution can run both your single and multi-threaded Windows and Linux applications with fault-tolerant availability or high availability, with no changes to your applications.

Key benefits

  • Ensures business continuity, compliance and SLAs with no business interruptions or in-flight data loss by preventing applications from downtime onsite or offsite
  • Provides cost-effective continuous or high availability efficiently with two off-the-shelf x86 servers and your choice of storage in one easy to use product. Other methods of achieving availability require additional servers, expensive storage options and a separate virtualization product
  • Installs easily without modifications to applications or the need for specialized IT skills making it ideal for remote locations
  • Protects symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) and multi-core workloads with both fault-tolerant and high availability from one solution for all your availability needs

Key features

Achieve continuous fault-tolerant availability or high availability with Availability Services
Availability Services lie at the heart of everRun. It ensures you won’t have business interruptions because your applications co-exist on two virtual machines, with no changes to your applications, data loss or machine restarts.

Protect against localized disaster with SplitSite metro-wide offsite downtime prevention
SplitSite provides application availability across geographically separated sites using synchronous replication.

Reduce your servers and operating costs while protecting your applications with Virtualization
Utilizing KVM open-source virtualization technology, everRun enables you to consolidate physical servers and reduce your operating costs while protecting your applications from downtime with virtualization.

Get expandable and flexible storage with Multiple Storage Groups and everRun managed External Storage
Define your disk group priorities based on I/O and data to meet the needs of your applications. Set up your systems to meet your storage requirements with Fibre Channel, ISCSI external storage and internal storage.

Set up and manage your systems quickly and easily with the everRun Availability Console (eAC)
This web-based interface provides easy navigation to set up and manage systems including VM’s, networking and storage.

Know when to take action with the Watchdog Alerting Service and 24/7/365 Support
Stratus’s support center constantly monitors your system remotely, reacts to watchdog alerts and automatically sends a notification should a fault occur.

Choose from two versions:

everRun Enterprise – a fault-tolerant and high availability solution for Microsoft and Linux applications for all your availability needs.

everRun Express – for applications that need high availability without complexity, all the features of everRun Enterprise with high availability for Microsoft and Linux applications.

Learn more about the differences between everRun Enterprise’s  fault tolerant continuous availability and everRun Express’s high availability.

Stratus’ everRun is deployed in hundreds of installations world-wide in airports, universities, manufacturing plants, public safety centers, retail environments and health care organizations to name a few.

Third party add-ons:

Simplify and optimize application and system performance with Application Monitoring
Get complete performance visibility across dynamic IT environments. Know immediately when an application or device is down and have it restart instantly to minimize the impact of downtime.

Mitigate disaster impact with Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is achieved with Arcserve’s DR solution as an add-on to everRun in cases where disaster recovery and data replication are required. Arcserve software extends the core capabilities of everRun to support a disaster recovery capability across a WAN, in conjunction with everRun system redundancy in either or both the primary site and the remote DR site.

Additional Versions:

everRun MX