I need to send commands, via PC program, to a Stratus infinitum with VOS Release 14.6.1bi in order to instruct the machine for some actions e.g. execute a program exactly when other external process ends or monitoring CPU usage, I have developed a rough program using telnet protocol resembling a remote terminal, it has to wait for the prompt “ready” or “—PAUSE—“ not to mention deal with escape sequences (is just like me telling VOS what to do in a normal session), well, the questions is ¿Is there a way to send commands directly from and receive straightforward answers to a PC program?, Maybe using special Telnet commands or something like ftp.

Thank you in advance.

Adolfo Ponce

COMMENT 1: Comment by Charlie Spitzer | 8/31/2009 4:04pm

Do you mean can you send commands to a VOS module that you want to execute, but you don't want to login first to create that process?


You could write a server process that runs on VOS, that accepts commands through some TCP port mechanism, execute those commands in some other process, reads the produced .out file, and sends that response back to the requester process running remotely.

Note: you can turn off pause processing and not have VOS emit escape sequences using the set_terminal_parameters command using -terminal_type ascii -pause_lines 0

COMMENT 2: Comment by Paul Green | 9/1/2009 1:49pm

As Charlie noted, there is no existing way to run a command without logging in. To allow such behavior would be a huge security hole.

You are certainly welcome to create such a program (as you mention), but you should give some thought to how to authenticate the people who are giving you commands to execute.

If you are willing to set up SSH keys, which allows you to establish a trusted session without the necessity of typing a password, then you can use the ssh command to run a remote command. There is no security hole because the command is run under your own identity.

Syntax: ssh Yourname@Host command-to-run

I just tried this against a Continuum machine here in our lab and it worked just fine:

ssh Green@m30 list
{followed by the output of the list command for my home dir}

Hope this helps.

COMMENT 3: Comment by poncea | 9/7/2009 2:25pm

First of all, thank you very much; you are are very kind. Second, I am sorry not to explain myself; I do really not want to break security rules, I erroneously suppose it was clearly that I have an authentication way (a user and a password), how can I other way initiate a normal session in VOS?, well your answers are very useful but I think Paul’s one is an advanced, but interesting topic to me.

Thank you again

Adolfo Ponce