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    If "always-on" is a requirement, Stratus Technologies has a solution that fits. Watch the video below to see how Stratus can keep your critical applications up and running…all of the time.

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    This 2-page corporate overview (PDF) summarizes Stratus' products, people, and how both enable us to prevent downtime before it occurs, ensuring uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 performance of essential business operations. If always-on is a requirement, Stratus Technologies has a solution that fits.

Ensuring Maximum Availability for Your Company’s Most Critical Applications with Fault-Tolerant Solutions

Fault-tolerant computing is the ability to provide the world's most demanding workloads with 99.999% system uptime (commonly referred to as “five nines”) or better, zero failover time and no data loss.  We’ve been providing fault-tolerant solutions for companies around the globe for 30 years.

Stratus pioneered hardware fault tolerance and continues to perfect its implementation. Moreover, we are the first and only vendor to offer the highest levels of automatic uptime for Microsoft® Windows Server®, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and VMware® vSphere™ operating environments deployed on Stratus servers. And, we continue to enhance, and support our flagship VOS and OpenVOS platforms.

Uptime Level

Average Yearly Downtime



87 hours, 40 minutes

High Availability


8 hours, 46 minutes
4 hours, 23 minutes
52 minutes, 36 seconds

Fault Tolerance
"Continuous Availability"


5 minutes, 16 seconds
31.6 seconds

Our fault-tolerant servers are engineered with fully redundant hardware, failsafe system software and built-in service capabilities that prevent downtime and data loss. But it doesn’t stop there. Our 24/7/365 worldwide service network gives you immediate access to the people and processes you need to keep applications running continuously day in and day out, year after year. This ability to prevent failure and data loss from happening in the first place is what sets our fault-tolerant solutions apart from clusters and other solutions that merely recover after a failure has occurred.

In the data center, at the departmental level and in the most demanding production environments Stratus fault-tolerant solutions enable your organization to:

  • Guarantee zero downtime and maximum performance for your most critical applications
  • Prevent data loss and corruption – even in-flight data is fully protected
  • Enable virtualization for Tier-1 applications
  • Support real-time, high-volume workloads with ease
  • Accommodate network and transaction growth

If you are a Stratus customer and need help, contact us 24/7.

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