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If "always-on" is a requirement, Stratus Technologies has a solution that fits. Watch the video below to see how Stratus can keep your critical applications up and running…all of the time.

Watch the Video

This 2-page corporate overview (PDF) summarizes Stratus' products, people, and how both enable us to prevent downtime before it occurs, ensuring uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 performance of essential business operations. If always-on is a requirement, Stratus Technologies has a solution that fits.

Stratus Software Solutions Ensure Your Applications are Always On

Keep your critical applications up and running

Stratus software solutions, combined with services give you the highest possible availability by preventing downtime and data loss for essential business applications.  Don’t simply recover from a catastrophe, prevent it.  Our people, products and services provide worry-free operation so you can avoid the complexity and costs typically associated with alternative solutions.  The world’s most critical applications rely on Stratus.

Which software solution is right for you?
Browse the categories below, or let us guide you. If you need a fully managed platform solution that is easily integrated within your IT infrastructure, our platform solutions could be the perfect option.

everRun® Enterprise and Express

The fully comprehensive solution provides fault tolerance, high availability, disaster recovery, application monitoring and more to ensures business continuity.

everRun® MX Software

Provides multi-processor Microsoft applications with fault-tolerant protection that prevents downtime unlike other recovery-based, high availability solution.

Avance® Software

The Stratus Avance software solution is the answer for businesses requiring the most reliable and affordable solution for keeping critical applications up and running.

If you are a Stratus customer and need help, contact us 24/7.

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