Marathon Technologies Fact Sheet




Littleton, Massachusetts

Other Locations

England and Japan


Marathon provides software-based solutions for fault tolerance, disaster recovery and high availability.

President & CEO

Bruce Berger

Annual Revenue 


No. of Employees 

42 (36 HQ)

Key Products

everRun® MX: World’s first fault-tolerant software based solution that supports single and multi-core/multi-processor Microsoft applications
  everRun® MX Express: Software-based high-availability solution using standard x86 server systems
  everRun® MX Extend: Long-distance protection for physical and virtual environments, with near-zero recovery and push-button operation
  everRun® SplitSite: Automated continuous availability and data protection using synchronous data mirroring

Key Markets 

Process automation, security/surveillance, materials handling, gaming, broadcasting

Sales Model

Third-party via ISVs and hardware vendors

Service Model

Third-party selling ISVs and hardware vendors

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